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Proctor provides a wide range of quality elder care services in the beautiful Okanagan valley

"Our services are focused on assisting elderly clients effectively manage chronic health conditions"


All assessments and services are completed by qualified health professionals experienced in the field of elder health care.  Proctor utilizes the services of a variety of health professionals including;

Do you need assistance in arranging and organising care services for a loved one?

Are you experiencing difficulties communicating with the health professionals involved in your loved ones care?

Does your elderly loved one forget medications or become confused easily?

Do you live inter-province or overseas and have care giver concerns?

Are you and your family considering relocating a loved one to more supported housing?


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One third of those people aged 65 and over fall at home at least once a year.  Often resulting in injury.    In many cases these falls are preventable.

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Proctor Elder Care Management is the only dedicated Case Management provider in the Okanagan.

What is Case Management?

Case Management involves having one dedicated health professional personally managing the care of your loved one.  Case Managers or Care Managers are responsible for the complete co-ordination and monitoring of your loved one and their needs.

What do you mean by "Health Professional"? 

In order to effectively care for an elderly client your Care Manager needs a unique mix of knowledge and skills.  This knowledge includes human physiology and anatomy, and an intimate understanding of how the local health care system works.  This is gained through a combination of university training and experience.

Why would we benefit from a Proctor Care Manager?

Each Proctor Care Manager is able to expertly co-ordinate all aspects of the elderly persons care.  Often this means families are not required to travel long distances at a moment's notice.  It also means less time off work.  Client's often report what takes Proctor a few hours might take them a week.


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